These exhibits represent an effort to showcase some of my favorite natural places on the American continent. These include the Blanco Basin in the San Juan mountains of southwestern Colorado and Monument Valley in Utah. The galleries also include sites such as the Grand Canyon in Arizona, Chaco Canyon in New Mexico, Tikal in Guatamala, Machu Picchu in Peru and Tiwanaku in Bolivia. NATURE & OUTDOOR images include the Blanco Basin as well as Little Sandy National Wildlife Refuge in the Sabine River bottoms of East Texas and a variety of others.

I've attempted to expose the beauty of these unique places. I hope you enjoy the tour!

Chris Burrow
Dallas, Texas, November, 2016

© Chris   Burrow PhotoID# 14729023: AMERICAN LANDSCAPES: THE AMERICAN WEST        slide show
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© Chris   Burrow PhotoID# 2921144: The Mission at San Ildefonso IMAGES IN BLACK AND WHITE        slide show

© Chris   Burrow PhotoID# 6932105: Cemetary with Flag and Rainbow, Steele Burrow THE LAND OF THE FREE        slide show

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© Chris   Burrow PhotoID# 8862450: Tom's House by Steele Burrow THE HOMES OF THE BRAVE        slide show

© Chris   Burrow PhotoID# 6551851: Inca Trail at Machu Picchu EXPLORING ANCIENT RUINS: THE AMERICAS        slide show

© Chris   Burrow PhotoID# 15014704: Marlsgate Plantation MARLSGATE PLANTATION        slide show


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